As you get ready to travel to your holiday celebration venues, be careful with the way you pack and carry food in your car. Our automobile professionals at Land Rover Southwest Houston advise that motorists driving over long distances should put the food, soup, and pudding in non-spill dishes first.

To deliver the packaged dishes safely, seal and tighten the lids of the containers into which you put your meals. Using an electrical wire masking tape can ensure that your food and drinks do not spill along the road. Put the dishes in cardboard boxes before you place the containers in the trunk or floor. The cardboard boxes will help if your car travels on rough road sections. Ideally, the dishes you plan to transport must match the cardboard box size.

At Land Rover Southwest Houston, we wish the motorists and their families in Houston, TX a joyful and laughter-filled festive season. While you embark on your travel, avoid spilling food and drinks on the car seats.

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