Once again you are getting ready to head out for the holidays, and you are hoping you don't get held up again in traffic. Rather than hope for the best, here are a few tips from our staff at Land Rover Southwest Houston for ensuring you get to your destination as quickly as possible:

The time you leave your house for the holidays can have a huge impact on how much traffic you will be stuck in. Leaving two days before the holiday is ideal, but this may not be feasible for most drivers. If not, plan on getting in the car after dinner, and you can cover many miles at night while the other drivers are stopped to rest. Plan on breaking up the trip so you can pull over at designated areas and take a break. Let everyone out to stretch and have time outside the car for a while.

Plan your visit to see us at 10150 Southwest Freeway and we will set aside time to inspect your ride before your holiday journey.

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