There's nothing like breaking down on the road, but if you have a roadside emergency kit, then you can handle the situation until help arrives. Jumper cables are a good thing to have in your vehicle because there could be battery issues that you are unaware of when you start your car and get on the road, not being able to get your car started again after stopping.

Another component you want to have in your kit is a road flare. This should be used at night so that other people know you're on the side of the road and need help. Reflective warning signs can also be kept in the kit and can usually be used during the day and at night.

Before getting on the road and relying on the items in your emergency kit, visit the Land Rover Southwest Houston auto service facility to have one of the service technicians check the electrical components and the fluids. If you know of anything that might cause an issue, it can be fixed before you're left stranded.

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