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Your car battery is easy to ignore. After all, once your Land Rover starts, your battery doesn't have a whole lot to do with your overall driving experience. However, that complacency is also why most drivers don't see battery problems coming until they're left stranded with a vehicle that won't start. Land Rover Southwest Houston is here to help you diagnose battery issues before they occur, and we can get you a replacement battery to ensure your life stays on track.

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Complimentary Battery Testing. Check your battery and don't get stranded.

A Simple Test

If you don't have battery testing equipment of your own, there is a simple test you can perform that can indicate whether or not your battery is in need of some attention. Start by turning on your Land Rover model so that the engine is running and the headlights are on. Ensure that you can see the light from the headlights, either on the surface ahead of you or by aiming your vehicle at a building or other parked vehicles and putting the vehicle in park. With the engine still running, turn on your air conditioning. If the lights noticeably dim when the compressor for the a/c starts running, your battery is barely keeping up with the demands of normal driving conditions and will soon need to be replaced.

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Of course, at this point more formal testing can tell you exactly what state your battery is in, and we recommend having your battery tested at least once a year, or with every other oil change, whichever comes first. This ensures that you'll stay ahead of battery issues and never be left looking for a jump or a tow due to a dead battery.

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