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Land Rover Oil Change Services in Southwest Houston

When you visit Land Rover Southwest Houston for an oil change, you'll be giving your Land Rover model the ultimate in expert service. And considering the high-end nature of your Land Rover SUV, why give it anything but the best? Schedule your oil change with our team of trained Land Rover technicians today!

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Oil and Filter Change

Why are Oil Changes Important?

Oil changes are critical because they help protect your engine from itself as it works to keep you moving. Your engine is comprised of hundreds of fast-moving metal parts that would be rubbing against each other thousands of times per minute, if not for the thin layer of lubricating engine oil that protects them. However, as your engine runs and generates both heat and friction, the oil protecting these parts will slowly break down. If left unchecked for long enough, that old engine oil will no longer be able to properly protect your internal engine parts and you'll be left stranded with an engine that needs a complete overhaul, if not a replacement.

Oil Change Services at Land Rover Southwest Houston

When you bring your Land Rover model to our dealership for an oil change, we'll drain the old oil and take a measurement to ensure that you aren't experiencing oil leaks or burn off due to an underlying issue. We'll also remove the old filter and replace it with a new one to help remove contaminants from your oil as you drive. Finally, we'll fill your engine with a fresh batch of the right oil and run a leak test before sending you on your way.

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To set up your Land Rover oil change service, use our online service scheduler or give us call today!

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