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Keep the Right Tires on Your Land Rover with a Visit to Our Houston Dealership

Whether you're planning an off-road excursion or just need a new set of tires to help with your daily commute, having a quality set of the right tires on your Land Rover model can make all the difference. Tires are the only component of your vehicle that actually touch the road, and as such have a drastic effect on handling, ride quality, safety, and so much more. Visit Land Rover Southwest Houston, where our tire experts are here to administer the tire services and replacements your vehicle needs.


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Detecting Tire Problems

While modern tires are much more rugged than ever, you can still experience problems from time to time, especially with an older set of tires on your Land Rover SUV. Vibrations while driving could be the suspension, but they could also be uneven tire wear or even a broken belt inside one of your tires that is causing the issue. You can also visually inspect your tires to see the state of the tread, and if it is less than 1/8" deep, it's time for a new set of tires. Of course, any tire that is more than five years old should be replaced simply due to sun exposure, oxidation, and oil exposure that can lead to a chemical breakdown of the tire, even if you don't drive often.

Find the Right Tires

Our team of Land Rover experts is always here to help you find the right tires to get the job done. We'll find you a quality set of new on-road tires to help manage rainy days and your daily commute with ease and confidence. Or we can find you a set of rugged off-road tires if you're planning to take an adventurous trip over rocky trails and mountain roads anytime soon. No matter how you plan to use the capability of your Land Rover, there is a tire to match and we'll help you find it. Just schedule your appointment today!

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