Blue 2020 Range Rover

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, you are limiting your exposure to the virus by staying out of public environments. As a result, you may want to avoid auto service shops. You may even park your Land Rover in your garage with the plan to stay home as much as possible. Whether you relate to these situations or you have adjusted your usage and care of your Land Rover in different ways, you must still give your Land Rover the full attention that it needs to keep it properly maintained.

Take Your Land Rover Out for a Drive Regularly

Some Land Rover drivers, such as healthcare workers, are out on the road more frequently than usual because of the pandemic. Others are hunkered down at home and only leave the house when it is necessary. If your Land Rover has not been driven in over a week, it may be more susceptible to several types of damage. This includes damage to the brakes, tires, battery, belts, hoses, and more. Get in the habit of driving your Land Rover through town for at least 20 minutes every week or two to avoid unnecessary repair issues.

Change the Oil in Your Land Rover

Spending time in a lube shop's waiting room is understandably not a smart idea at this time, but your Land Rover still requires a fresh supply of clean oil for optimal engine health. Look for an oil change shop in your area that will allow you to remain in your Land Rover while they service your vehicle. You could also learn how to change your SUV's oil on your own through online tutorials.

Inspect Your Land Rover

Minor and developing repair issues can quickly expand to severe problems that require a trip to a repair shop. Some of these issues may be prevented if you address them before they get out of hand. Regardless of your level of automotive expertise, you can peek under your Land Rover vehicle's hood today and every week or two. Even an untrained eye can spot leaks, worn hoses and belts, and other issues. When you alleviate these issues now, you can avoid many types of more serious repair issues.

Do you need assistance with your Land Rover vehicle's care, or do you have questions that our team can answer? Reach out to our Land Rover associates for personalized help.