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Land Rover Brake Maintenance and Replacement in Houston

At Jaguar Southwest Houston, we know that your brakes are a major part of the safety of your luxury SUV. After all, you use your brakes dozens of times even on just a short trip, and each time you do, you're preventing an accident from occurring. Still, brakes are an oft-overlooked part of most vehicles, and our team wants to make sure yours get the attention and care needed to stop you with confidence.

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Front &/or Rear Brake repairs

Detecting Brake Problems

There are several ways to detect when your brakes are having issues, and some of them are built right into the overall design and engineering of the brakes themselves. For example, your brake pads feature "pins" that will contact the brake rotor as the brake pads wear to a point where they'll soon need attention. That squealing is telling you that it's time to schedule an appointment to have your brake pads replaced, before they become too worn and start grinding.

If you do hear a grinding noise while braking, take that as a sign to visit our dealership immediately. This means your brake pads are now beyond their lifespan, and you are now doing damage to the brake rotors as well. This is a much more expensive process than simply changing the brake pads, but if left unchecked it can also damage the brake calipers which will not only result in an incredibly costly repair, but can even be dangerous due to the sudden nature of the failure.

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Our team of Land Rover experts is committed to both the safety and quality of your Land Rover model. Not only do we have the expertise needed to determine what your brakes need to be fully effective once again, but a wide range of in-stock parts means we'll likely be able to get you back on the road on the same day as your appointment! Just contact us to get started today!

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